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                                                       TV PIX & LINKS

With Tok in the iconic Wrangler's Jean advert.  Directed by Godley and Creme in 1982. Choreographed by Bruno Tonioli.  Watch the advert on Youtube at:


Roboting with Morecambe and Wise on their Christmas TV Special of 1983. Watch the sketch on Youtube at:


Appearing as 'Technical Glamour' on the Sooty Show. (Sooty is on the far right.)  Check out Sooty on Youtube at:


As a punk in the Dry Blackthorn Cider Commercial campaign, UK. Watch it on Youtube:


As a 'Dancing Hair-Do' in Channel Four's 'Rebellious Jukebox', directed by Godley and Creme (1983/4).

Badedas Commercial, Berlin, Germany.

On the set of 'Pulaski' in Cannes, France, 1987.
(BBC TV and A&E-USA)

Trapped in a car with Denis Leary for the Holsten Pils 'Get Real' Commercial.  Watch it on Youtube at:


(Warning: sound quality of this particular video is poor.  You can also see the advert on Youtube here:  http://tiny.cc/ey7xp  but the actual video isn't very good quality, however, at least you can hear Denis' song.)