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                                                                 OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS

Photograph by David Preutz.

On the cover of Avantgarde Hair Magazine, 1981. Hair by Trevor Sorbie. Make-up by Richard Sharah.

DONNA Magazine, 1981. Photograph by Herb Schulz. Check out the FB page for his new iBook:

Supporting Tik and Tok at The Venue,
London, 1983.

Onstage with Steve Ausden in 'Mime Over Muscle'. Early 80s.
Photo by Steve Cook.

Photograph by David Bailey for The Sunday Times Magazine.(17/FEB/1985)

With Ernie Wise, 1980s.

With Eric Morecambe, 1980s.

Publicity photo taken by
Richard James Burgess.
Early 1980s.

Filming 'Melody's Her 2nd Name' with Mary Tamm, in 2000.